Sabatino Tartufi White Truffle Oil 3.4oz




One of the easiest way to take a dish to the next level! Sabatino White Truffle Oil is perfect to finish all types of recipes – from salads, to pasta, mashed potatoes or simple scrambled eggs – it’s a transformative ingredient. A blend of fine Italian olive oil infused with white truffle, Sabatino White Truffle Oil is an all-natural product, without any artificial ingredients – just olive oil, natural truffle extract and truffles.

The smooth and mild golden olive oil acts as the perfect vehicle to deliver the pungent flavor of white truffles, without any artificial flavorings to alter it or add any chemical taste. White truffle infused olive oils allow garlicky notes of the Alba truffle to shine through, instantly adding luxurious flavor and a touch of glamour.

Sabatino harvests their truffles in the heart of Italian truffle country – Umbria. The company was was founded in 1911 Sabatino Balestra and his wife, Giuseppina, hunting truffles the old-fashioned way in a small Italian town. Today, Sabatino is one of the most respected truffle companies in the world, delivering fresh truffles and fine truffle products throughout the world. Order their white truffle infused olive oil today!

Ingredients: Olive oil, natural truffle extract, natural flavoring, white truffles


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